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Thread: Roedale Delta V Ultra Lightweight

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    Roedale Delta V Ultra Lightweight

    I know it has been covered before but the thread got slightly diluted.

    Looking to use it on both my .243 and newly acquired .30-06 to replace the cumbersome Stealth A10 I currently lug around.

    Please let me know how you are all getting on with yours, there seems to be quite a following for them on the SD.

    I have also been eyeing up the A Tech CMM4 as an alternative option.

    Thanks in advance


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    i have a atec cmm4 on my tikka 25-06, great mod, you dont notice it on the end of the gun, it dosnt effect the balance. Getting one for my sauer,have a t4 on it currently but since using one on the tikka the atec is a much better mod.


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    I have a roedale 5 baffle on my 243 and it works fine and nice and light to,you would need 2 sets of baffles to cover your 30/06 as well,i know this as when i recived mine the baffles we to big and did'nt work well,after talking to Peter in Garmany about this the baffles were exchanged which made a vast improvement Peter from Roedale is one of the most helpful guys i have ever delt with just drop him a mail.

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    Thanks for the info Guys,
    So, Deerhungry, what your saying is i will need two lots of baffles, one for the .243 and one for the .30-06?
    I was hoping i could use the same mod on both rifles as i have done for the last 6 yrs.

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    Yes you can use one for both but you would have to have the larger bore for your 30/06 and I don't think you would be happy with the performance on the 243 give Peter a email go on their web site and follow the link this guy is more than helpful he will point you in the right direction.

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    Will do, thanks for your help, Deerhungry!

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    Roedale do the Delta 65 which covers all calibers up to 6.5mm (223-6.5x284)
    the Delta 93 covers 7mm up to 9.3mm.
    65 or 93 can be had in four materials, Parkerised steel, Stainless bead blasted, Stainless TiNAl (black), Aluminium (black anodized)


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    how much did it cost for a spare set of baffles please? - I cant get onto the roedale site at work!!!

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    Is the Roedale better than the A-Tec CMM4...?!

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