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Thread: Real big buck I need to catch up with...possible medal?

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    Real big buck I need to catch up with...possible medal?

    Well before I went away i was out counting bucks seeing what was about when I came across this big boy a couple of days in a row. He is in velvet but seems a very big head and possible medal what do you think? He does seem a bit malformed but that could be frost damage after the long cold winter. Sorry about the picture quality the buck was about 350 yards off over an open field.


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    I am a relative newcomer to the sport and have no medal heads to my name, but i am fortunate to have been out with a few stalkers who have shown me what they said were medal roe heads. They all said that if the antlers were as long as the head you were in with a chance, then it was density and conformity that were the final deciders on which colour medal it was worth.

    Personally, unless he is "going back" or malformed, I would leave him for the good of the gene pool.

    Blindness to suffering is an inherent consequence of natural selection. Nature is neither kind nor cruel but fiercely indifferent.

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    That's a beauty! Looks like an old boy from the way his back curves, and how he walks with his neck lowered, probably 7-10yrs old?

    Since he's in full velvet, perhaps best to leave until after the rut, unless you feel you might lose him to a neighbour of course!.

    could easily be a medal

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    looking at him i could not honestly say medal or not.
    what i would say is that at a guess he is in his prime now.
    i would leave till rut and then take towards the end of the season if you think its safe to do so..
    from his appearance you may get another year out of him but then he may start to go back.
    if by the remotest chance that he is by his mum and is nearing one year old then shxt mate hes a monster and leave till next year.. he can only get bigger.

    all avenues covered so good luck

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    by the way your about to become very popular


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    Thanks just to clarify the picture was taken at then end/mid march but I have been away for 2 months and not gone looking for him yet. And its not his mum he was with 3 does cropped from the pictures on the whole.


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    There are a lot of deer in your area. If you did choose to take him this year, even before the rut it will not be long before he is replaced. The land and fodder is in abundance and the beasts are all of decent size from my experience over your way.


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    No doubt about it though - he's a good looking animal with plenty of meat on him. I bet it tastes good.


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    He looks a powerful beast i'd say late middle age rather than older, i'd try to leave for a year or two, he'll def get a bit better coronets a bit lower/wider etc. He looks to have a fair amont of pedicle(not that you can see that clearly)

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    Why not leave him see how big he gets

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