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Thread: Rifles for sale .243 & .25-06

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    Rifles for sale .243 & .25-06

    Due to illness my friend has lost nearly all his sight so I am trying to selll his rifles for him.

    LAKELANDER 389 .243 wooden stock, reflex T8 moderator, 6x42 Hertel & Reuss scope, Apel quick detachable mounts. 50 rounds of Federal ammo. Ready to stalk in lovely condition.

    WEATHERBY Mk V Accumark .25-06 Synthetic stock, stainles flutted barrel, reflex T8 sound moderator & thread protector, Schmidt & Bender (German) 6x42 scope, Leupold quick detatchable mounts. Hardly done any work very accurate!

    I have some pictures of both rifles for people interested. PM me.

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    I thought you had lost your marbles I mean selling your 243 is one thing but selling the one calibre that is self seeking and kills Sika before it even hits them is some thing else!

    Are you back from NZ yet?

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    Hi mate

    Yes back from NZ had great time!!

    No as you can see niether are mine.
    Do you know any new stalkers after either calibre rifle, both would be a good buy well looked after and not done much.



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    Happy New Year!! To all site members and guests.

    Both rifle and scopes are still for sale!!
    If you are interested please make a sensible offer!!



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    Thankyou to all who showed interest!
    .25-06 is now sold.

    THE .243 is still for sale.



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    Thought putting ad to the top of the pile was easiest way.



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