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Thread: live in u.s.a. now

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    live in u.s.a. now

    hi just stopping by to say hi from america.
    i don't hunt anymore but i shoot a heck of alot,
    im glad to be hear ;
    i will probably do more reading than posting but thats o.k ain.t it ?
    i was born in Halifax w.yorks.
    moved over here in 1987 at the ripe old age of 28.
    i'll check-in with yall now and then as time allows.
    have a great upcomming weekend adrians.

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    Hi mate , hope you enjoy it on never know you might start hunting again !!!

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    Hello friends.This is Molan form USA.I am a great pet lover.I have number of pets in my privately made zoo.I have also hired trainers so keep in contact with me for suggestions and advices.
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