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Thread: would you buy a secondhand .17 hmr

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    would you buy a secondhand .17 hmr

    after 9 weeks of waiting i phoned the firearms department to see where my ticket had got to. after a while they phoned back and said they were dealing with it. i asked if i could have a .17 hmr in place of my 243 and they said yes. so heres the question.

    would you buy a second hand .17 hmr

    i remember reading when the calibre was first on the scene that barrel wear could be high and if not regularly cleaned it could affect accuracy but is this of any concern

    regards pj

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    not sure on barrel wear it only burns like 5 grains of powder and its heat and pressure that erode barrels ive shot alot though mine it needs cleaning every 50 rounds theres a significant loss in accuracy i always use a bore guide and rod and proper cleaning techniques
    if its in good condition and a good price itll be a good gun see if you can shoot it first
    hope this helps

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    thanks kris. would love the cz in thumbhole stock but think its going to be more like a clean secondhand one. wont be getting it just yet but it will be welcome when i do get it as ricochets from my .22 are all to common on this hard ground

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    christ yes, 2md hand is no issue.
    lots around, CZ, BRNO, Anshutz, Sako all good brands and all they will ever need is a good clean!

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    yes have same issue with 22 it rarely leaves cabinet now i love hmr very versitile just a good truck gun you will love it

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    i have the cz in laminate thumbhole stock, its awsome and very accurate the only thing i have a problem with its a bit on the heavy side but other than that brilliant, i was looking for a second hand one and i phoned a place called MALMO GUNS IN PRESTON at the time they were going for around 560 and i got one from malmo for 440 brand new so give them a try mate.....01524235278 regards mal

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    I had a CZ would need to be shooting carpet tacks through the barrel to burn it out.
    Tom Young at Continental Shooting Supplies, Ayrshire is as cheap as they get for CZ rifles...........320 pound for a new one. I had one off him and it was a fantastic buy.

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    You can get a brand new CZ for under 400 why buy a second hand one? I remain surprised by the people who clean them so frequently. Mine gets a wipe over with an oily cloth when I remember. I have cleaned it twice in a year when I got it and after about 1000 shots. Have never adjusted the scope since I first zero'd it (only a cheap Hawke scope).

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    Marlin firearms used to put in their owner's manuals that cleaning of their HMR rifles was not necessary. I have pretty much found that to be true. You'll shoot one out, but you can clean the rifling out of one in short order.~Muir

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    just re read the post im sorry thats 500 rounds before accuracy decreases muir is correct in saying you can damage a bore by cleaning but not if you use a bore guide decent rod a speer point jag is a good bit of kit as well if you use correct procedures you will be good at some point you will have to clean the bore any rifle that fires a copper coated bullet at high velocity will suffer copper fouling and of course in rain they get wet and will rust

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