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    Some Stupid Idiot

    I have just been talking to a chap who is keen on fishing in an area I stalk.He had been down this evening to cut a spot to fish from and someone with a Blue 4x4 had pionted a rifle at him from across the river.He said if I could have got at him or got his car number he would undoubtably have reported him to police.
    I was taught never ever point a rifle or any gun at a person loaded or use a rifle scope as binos is stupid in the extreem.This guys card is now marked the fisherman and his friends will now be looking for said car to get reg no,to inform police he may not be FAC holder much longer What You Think.

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    Could be one of the local pillocks with his air rifle, but even so does not do law abiding shooters much good,hope he gets caught before he fires a pellet at someone fishing ect HORNET

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