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Thread: Flyfishing For Pike

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    Flyfishing For Pike

    A friend of mine, who is the proprietor of a private fishing syndicate between Edinburgh and Peebles, is offering guided pike fly-fishing on Portmore Loch, which is 110acres in size.

    Boat and all equipment provided. Single, or 2 rods fishing together.

    The pike in the loch average 6-8lbs but several teens, 20's and 30's are caught each year.

    A typical day when they are 'on' should see 2 rods landing several fish each, with many more lost and seen chasing the fly to the boat. Polaroids are essential!!!

    The following links will give an idea of what is on offer.

    Some limited spaces available in the private trout fishing syndicate.

    And no, the trout fishing is not spoiled by the pike!!!

    PM me for more details.

    Predator Bite

    Portmore Private Fishing Syndicate

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    sounds like fun.
    did this down near cambridge.#
    is this south of Gladhouse?

    Quote Originally Posted by jamross65 View Post
    And no, the trout fishing is not spoiled by the pike!!!
    is that bacause they ate all the trout? !

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    Yep, just along the road from Gladhouse.

    Don't know if you looked at the video footage but the sport is incredible. As lifelong salmon/seatrout/trout fisher, I can honestly say that nothing compares to pike on the fly for visual excitement!

    I don't know why the trout don't seem effected given the population of pike in the water. They way its fishing just now, and the rise of trout during the warm weather, there appears no shortage. We know that the pike will take other pike and there is an abundance of minnows/sticklebacks as well as perch. Perhaps the different depths these fish feed at has something to do with natural prey. No doubt the odd trout will be taken by the bigger stuff but a 4lb trout in a 20lb pike will keep it going for some time.

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    evidence shows big pike love eating little pike take out the big uns and the jacks play merry hell ,taking junks outta the trout sure big pike take trout but little ones do the damage .they tried it on anglian waters trout reservours and realized good winter sport to be had with the big pike

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    I have fished this water for a season ,probably the best pike water i have fished ,the biggest fish i have had is 23 1/2 pound and also plenty big doubles i have had two rods going at once ,i haven't had anything smaller than 7 pound and probably caught over 50 fish.
    you will not be disappointed if you want a good day of fast action hard fighting fish go for it

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