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    hello people

    Hi there guys, MAL MASON from warrington, just a few words to say hello, im 45 this yr and been into shooting for over 30yrs now owned every air rifle known to man, then did a bit of shotgunning through the 80s and 90s, but my real aim is to stalk deer, i have worked my way up through the ranks of guns i had my first .22 rimfire cz really nice gun and fired well, then i put in for a variation for .17hmr in cz again and that has been exellent in all ways had some good times with that, but now i have done some fox work with a friend it another variation for .223, i know your all thinking why didnt i just put all three guns on my 1st application but you know what its like you dont think you get into any bigger guns, but now i want to do a bit of red deer stalking and i know in way off yet with expirience and cash wise but i have a few yrs left in me yet, any way i also fly hawks in the winter season as well that gives me great joy to watch them fly and catch rabbit, duck, pheasant, and other things, i am living in warrington cheshire england, and do most of my hunting in north wales where plenty of ground game is around,so hope thats enough to tell you all about me and what im about, HAPPY HUNTING FELLAS
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    welcome mate
    also used to fly various hawks till i got keepering and stalking ,you know the time it takes getting em fit and manning etc ,but stalking is easily as addictive
    good hunting

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