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Thread: Reindeer can see in ultraviolet, say boffins

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    Reindeer can see in ultraviolet, say boffins

    I work in mobile telecoms and so read such interesting news sites as, "The Register"... some more evidence to shun washing your stalking clothes in Daz Ultra...

    Article here

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    Quote Originally Posted by stig View Post
    washing your stalking clothes
    What's that then???

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    ms ;- it's a bit involved, as you know white light as we know it is made up of all the colours of the the rainbow/refracted light, we can see in white light but not in ultra violet or infra red, but some creatures can, ie insects such as bees use UV to find nectar bearing flowers, birds of prey use UV to detect their prey that they normally can't see under grass, for instance a vole when its running through it's grass tunnels stops to urinate to mark it's territories, hawks, owls etc can see the relected UV so helping them to locate their prey, now then, most washing powder manufacturers use blue additives in their powder which appears to us as making white clothing whiter, brighter, if these additives help to reflect UV and you clothes are washed in them it would be the same as walking about at night time in a luminous suit, you'd stand out like a sore thumb, so if this scientists claims are right and reindeer and other deer can see this reflected UV light it doesn't leave a lot to the imagination - so don't wash your clothes in Daz Ultra

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    I meant......
    what is 'washing your stalking clothes'!!!!!!

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