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Thread: Harvest time????

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    Harvest time????

    How early is the harvest going to be this year???
    We've now got golden barley in the fields around here now with all this dry sunny weather!
    I doubt if the grains are too big though. Could be a strange year if the combines start working soon eh?

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    A chap down your way reckoned he could be cutting by the end of june , god knows what the cost of corn will be

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    think he could be right probably end of june, one of the gamekeeper i know has been quoted £250 a ton now, so will probably be more later on

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    Yea but what about rice, we have so much blxxdy rain they look like paddy fields.

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    We normally sell for November and as it stands its 172.50 pounds per ton for 2011 crop.
    thought we were gonna start early last year but ended up starting around the same time as it took for Eva to dry but neva know things could be different this year

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    Heard a report a couple of weeks ago that said without substantial rainfall soon, lack of ear developement would meen less than 50% of a normal harvest weight could be expected.

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    Barley well in ear down here and saw some golden barley on route to devon last night. Wheat farmers v worried on salsibury plain debatable if there will be anything to combine, but at this rate with straw being in so short supply it may be worth more than the grain.

    As for rain we only had 25mm in the last two months and things are looking quite worrying.

    OSR on the other hand is looking excellent, ours normally comes off last week of July, which wont be soon enough as we have a set of fox cubs to sort and they are in a rape field at present.


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    We do need rain badly out south of Salisbury, its been like the bloody desert for 2 months & I am worried about game covers going back again, most of ours seem to be doing OK but we could just do with a good old dose of overnight rain every few days!

    Regs Lee

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    Everything just about on normal schedule here, some farmers did sow late though. Plenty of rain last few days with 3/4" on Monday
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