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    hi there, due to trying to take up this fantastic sport ive decided i now need to part with one of my beloved shotguns. i have for sale a grade 5 adjustable stocked miroku mk38 trap shotgun with 32" barrels and 8 teague chokes and an isis recoil reducer on the back end. its not going to be used anymore is ive changed guns. i do have a rough idea of price in mind but im open to sensible offers. cheers guys, forgot to add ill be getting some pics on as soon as i can work out the camera, im after about 1400 quid but as said im open to offers, would even swap if it was for stalking etc
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails DSCF0297.jpg   DSCF0283.jpg   DSCF0286.jpg   DSCF0287.jpg   DSCF0278.jpg  

    DSCF0285.jpg   DSCF0282.jpg   DSCF0291.jpg   DSCF0275.jpg   DSCF0273.jpg  

    DSCF0296.jpg   DSCF0276.jpg   DSCF0290.jpg   DSCF0274.jpg   DSCF0284.jpg  

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    Ziggy. A very nice gun. I sold my Miroku trap gun too to fund my first .243. Good luck. JCS

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    thankyou, yeah thats the only reason im parting with it as well.....if it didnt have to go to pay for something else then id be more than happy to hold on to it :-)

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    ziggy i will make a phone call in the morning chap was asking a couple of nights
    ago at a clay shoot if i knew for one . regards pete .

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    thankyou roedinator its appreciated

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    ziggy sorry mate just spoken to him hes after a sporter
    I think hes mad you could set up your gun perfectly for sporting with
    the adjustable stock .
    I will keep my ear to the ground for you i dont think you will struggle
    selling it nice set up there .
    regards pete .

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    yeah no problem at all, thanks for trying. its actually not too high as for as trap guns go but nevermind. thanks again roedinator

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    nice gun, I would have thought you'd get 1400 quid for that trade in against your first rifle?



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    it depends where in the country you live wiltshire boy, they seem to fetch a bit more down south than where i live but that is the general idea, i think some people may be put off by the "tiger stripe" wood but i feel it adds character and you dont often see it. if it wasnt for a lack of cash and wanting to get started down the rifle route then i think id keep it as its lovely to shoot, especially on game.

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