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Thread: Mail order p&p charges - tim hannam

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    Mail order p&p charges - tim hannam

    There's been a few posts recently about poor service from the Sportsman and the like, but my beef is about outfits who do offer a good service but don't warn customers about extra charges.

    It's a good idea to ask what the total hit is on your credit card before you finalise your order. It seems that the practice at TH, and Reloading Solutions too, is to send all goods insured over a certain value by Special Delivery. I ordered 54 worth of stuff, and got charged for SD (+VAT on the SD) which put 10 extra on the bill. On querying this I was told that any transaction over 45 has to go by SD, although standard P&P of 3 was quoted at point-of-sale.

    I think that rough P&P charges should be notified to the customer upfront so they can order elsewhere if they choose to. I'm pretty sure that this is required under the Distance Selling Regulations. I'll know to check the total sum next time

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    The P&P charges can be annoying. I don't like places that have a flat rate charge for P&P, say around a fiver. This is fine if you're ordering something of reasonable size or expense, like a jacket or waterproof trousers. However, if your just wanting a hat or pair of gloves or any other small accessory for around or under a tenner it's 50% of the cost again on P&P. Sometimes I've wanted to buy reloading accessories that I know would post for a quid or two and been put off by standardised P&P rates!

    At least the charges are advertised and I can decide not to pay!!

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    I suggest you contact Pat Hannam directly. I had an issue and she sorted it out for me. The guy I dealt with on the phone wasn't on the ball, but too much time passed before Pat got to review the situation. If you get back to Pat quickly with specifics, I am sure she will sort out your issue.

    Regards JCS

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    Sorry to say I too have been displeased by Hannams.

    Ordered 1000 bullets, as well as a bullet puller (kinetic hammer).

    Paid (lots) for courier delivery for the order (over 10 kilos of bullets). This was as agreed. Card charged for bullets and hammer.

    Bullets turned up, no hammer.

    When called, was told hammer was out of stock and would be delivered in a few days. Never told this when order placed. Card was charged for full amount.

    Being a patient man, I waited. Several weeks later (15) hammer arrived. Then discovered card had been charged a further (5 ISTR) for postage for hammer. Not happy. Was not told it was back-ordered, and outraged that a further delivery charge was made.

    Got no satisfaction despite several phone calls.

    So they must have retained full details of my card, in order to apply the extra charge at a later date. Doubtless kept securely, rather than scribbled down on a scrap of paper ? Nevermind charging the full amount to it before having one of the the items in stock. :-(

    Maybe a small matter, but symptomatic of disorganisation /casual attitude.

    Will not order from them again unless desperate. They don't appear to have competent stock control (when asked to check if item is actually available the method is to go into warehouse, look on shelf, then respond.) IME they send out orders piecemeal as and when, with separate delivery charge for each item, not as agreed. They still don't have online ordering, their website is a joke, just some random links to manufacturers' websites, the only useful info on it is as link to their .pdf pricelist which is indigestible and has not been updated for 6 months AFAIK.

    I don't think they are serious about supplying the individual customer.

    A shame, as they seem like nice people when I have visited to collect orders in person.

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    Theres nothing wrong wth Aftab hes as straight as they come

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    Sad to hear, probably 25 years since I last dealt with Tim, a pleasure to deal with in those days.

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