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Thread: A Happy Ending

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    A Happy Ending

    Arrived at my location about 6.30 p.m, as i made way way towards the high seat glassed a doe happily feeding in the meadow, managed to tuck up against the hedge underneath the overhanging oak trees and got into the seat without disturbing it.

    After a ten minute wait a 4 pointer stood up from the long grass, thought to myself this could be a good start to the evening, but the buck had other ideas as it ambled off with the doe towards the wood and then out of site.

    Spent the next 20 minutes watching the wildlife go about its business, then the doe re-appeared along with the buck i had to be patient as the meadow grass is very high there but sure enough they ambled along to a position which was suitable for a shot, now the pulse started to race my first opportunity with my new toy (blaser r8), squeazed the trigger, the buck gave a jump made 30 yards to the fence and momentarily stood still, i could see the exit wound clearly through the scope, then the buck dissapeared, bearing in mind how high the grass is in this meadow i was not sure if it dropped or had gone into the wood, gave it 5 minutes and went to look for the buck, sure enough it was led by the fence then dragged it back to the seat, it was about 8pm and still a good hour and half left.

    After half an hour things started to move again out from the hedge line i was on, a hind, follower and staggie appeared, and made there way to the next field followed buy 2 fallow bucks, there was no shortage of things to see. The doe re-appeared from the same spot she had gone into and a young six pointer came out 50 yards further up the wood but still had alot of velvet on (which i thought was very late to be in velvet), and so of the menu.

    From the same place the reds had appeared i could see another 4 pointer, by now the light was starting to fade, he stuck close to the hedge for what seemed like ages, the buck needed to make 40 yards into the field if a shot was going to be on, he kept looking up but not moving of the hedge, i made ready just in case he did decide to move, all of a sudden it was like he looked at his watch and said its time to go, he made 40 yards just where i was waiting, he stopped almost exactly where i had the rifle i squeazed the trigger the muzzle flash temporarily blinded me s**t where did he go i caught sight of him on the edge of the wood, i walked upto where i had last seen him but no sign of him. I had a good whack back from the bullet connecting so was sure i had made contact, then came the phone call from the syndicate captain how have you got on, just trying to find the second buck, ok i'll send some other members over to help. We searched for twenty minutes with dogs but could not find it and decided to try again in the morning.

    After a crap nights sleep and a hundred re-inactments of the last shot i got to the ground at about 6.30am syndicate captain was already there, went straight to the shot site, no sign of blood or splinters, sat up the seat made sure of the last place i saw him, went all through the meadow grass just in case the deer i had seen on the fence was another buck and covered at least 100 yards into the wood nothing, that sinking feeling is s**t everthing led to a missed shot, we called it a day and lesson learned ( Don't shoot to late). Went home had a cup of tea, with last night this still playing on my mind i decided to go and have another look walked upto the last place i had seen the buck and headed straight into the wood from there got to about 110 yards and there lying on the floor was the buck, was i relieved, the shot was a perfectly good engine room shot perhaps and 1 1/2 " further back than i would have liked but non the less a good shot, the only thing i could assume was the bullet had not expanded, the entrance and exit wounds were very similar, a very exiting trip with my new toy.

    I would be interested to hear from anyone else who uses federal power shok 140gn soft nose as these are new to me, i have always used ballistic tips in the past.

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    Two nice bucks. Well done for going back and finding the second one.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    All enede well in the end mate.

    Had the very same feeling last year just before the rut. Shot a good buck on last light some 50yards out from a wood> good sound came back and he rand straight for the wood. 6ft tall consevation till trying to tell the missus I need a dog for deer!!!!!! Still that horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach.
    Well done mate


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    Well done for not giving up. Good bucks too.

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    Re 6.5x55 Federals, PM sent.

    Life should be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving skidding in sideways, Merlot in one hand, Cigar in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming WOO HOO what a ride!

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    well done for returning to find the roebuck . Sometimes its easyier to convince yourself that you missed , when you rarely do out of high seat at that distance . I would be a bit dissapointed with my dog if he couldn,t a dead deer 110 yards away .


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