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    kimber rifles

    has anybody any experience of these as a stalking rifle, what are they like?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ziggy View Post
    has anybody any experience of these as a stalking rifle, what are they like?
    I have shot Kimber rifles both in the UK and the US. Very well respected and definitely worth a look.

    What calibre are you looking for?
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    well it will be my first and only rifle so im thinking of a 30.06 as a do it all rifle for now as i can use it for range work too because im having to join a club in order to gain my fac. i was also thinking of either a tikka t3, sako 75 deluxe which is mint, or an 85 or who knows what, i am planning on trying as much as i can at the range as rregards brands and calibres. i just vaguely remember reading a review a few years ago aboutt hem but wondered how they faired in real life, cheers

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    Hi, I have no personal experience with Kimber rifles but have a couple of mates that have a classic in 308 and a montana 30-06. With both of these rifles there has not been any issues although according to various forum posts worldwide customer service and presision/function can be so so. If it was me I would look at the other options you mentioned. Regards Toby

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    If it's a new Kimber then you will have a pretty rifle that shoots well enough. I used to sell Kimbers back in the early eighties and they were the prettiest rifles you ever laid eyes on... but they didn't shoot worth a damn. Their gorgeous Super America model could be outshot by a good surplus Mauser. ( I proved it many times)

    The local shop here sells Cooper Rifles and swears by the design, accuracy, and service. They still offer a replacement barrel if the accuracy ever falls off with the load they tested the rifle with. The test targets are impressive, to say the least.~Muir

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    Got to back Muir up on this one. I've owned two Kimbers and both proved problimatic. My 84 long action was a real beauty and would always attract attention but accuracy was average at best. My 'tactical' (previous model to the current police tactical) could be very accurate, but you'll spend a fortune with load development getting there - it was very ammo fussy.

    Cooper rifles are superior to Kimbers but you'll pay for it.

    Honestly, go down to the dealers and order yourself a nice Sako 85. It'll do everything you ask of it, without any fuss. I've long since ditched buying 'niche' rifles in favour of well engineered, quality rifles that are consistent performers without any fuss or modifications required. Kimbers may claim to be light and lookers, but they're far from special where it matters - accuracy and concistency.

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    I you visit some of the American Forums such as "Accurate Reloading" I'd search out Kimber. As Muir says at one time they were a "bag of rats" and poor customer service that denied the problem.

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