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Thread: Meeting deer code

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    Meeting deer code

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    Boil it right down and it translates to
    "Come along and be talked at while we tell you all how we're going to meddle in your affairs".
    Perhaps after the consultation they'll hold some workshops where ideas will be tabled, or may be even some lessons learned.
    Can't think of any more buzz words at the moment.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    Sometime you have just got to stand up and say what is needed! If you are at home mumbling you will not be heard! If you piont out the faults, if there are any, then you may well be suprised to find that LOTS more in the room have seen them as well but felt thay were the only one and said nothing!
    It is our sport, we are passionate about it, we care what happens to the deer and how it happens!

    If we have issues we need to raise them!
    Go along and make sure what thay plan is proper and just to the deer population!!!

    rant over, please attend!

    ATB Barry

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    Barry is right if you have something to say and it is possible for you to attend then do so. Just moaning about things and taking no action achieves nothing at all, remember when the new wildlife bill was originally, quietly, mentioned and it contained various implications for qualifications etc? Well if we the stalking community had not caused a noise that would have slipped through unopposed, but it didn't because of us. Same thing here, the yet to be published guide will have an impact on stalking, admittedly Peri-Urban stalking, even so it would be worth being there at it's inception because the day may come when SNH may well wish to move the goal posts and apply the guide to all forms of stalking. It's your chosen sport / hobby, look after it.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Why Moffat? I know that no matter where its held, it will not suit everyone but as its Scotlands deer we are discussing
    surely a more central venue could have been chosen, I cant make it as I will have clients at that time, but even if I didn't
    it just to far for a meeting that lasts a couple of hours , will be around three hours travelling time to Moffat.

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