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    270 loads

    hi there,
    what load would you consider is the best for 270 110 grain or 130 ,i use 130 grain normas at the moment,mate has offered to home load for me .if load is good will part share costs.

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    I have shot 130gn norma at all manner of things from foxes to 22stone red stags.
    works a charm.
    very good bullet IMO
    I now reload with Hornady 130gn SP (albeit recently so take my experience as it comes!)
    I started with N165 but am going to try a faster powder probably N160 as that seems to be the most popular for 270
    the higher end of between 55-60gn of N165 gets you close to the 3010fps but I found that the 55gn loads were more accurate. Havent tried playing around with it yet as I had a rifle problem!

    sure there will be lots of others along though.
    one thing is that you will find the extra weight in the wallet nice if you have been buying norma!

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    I use 130 grain noslers or sierra gamekings with 59 grains of H4831sc and cci large rifle primers. I use that round for everything!

    As always - work up loads with caution!


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    I have developed loads for five .270s and using H4831 or the very similar Reloder 22, the sweet spot with 130gn bullets has always been between 59 and 60 grains of powder. I now use CCI250 magnum primers as they reduce the speed (FPS) variations between shots. I mostly use Hornady 130gn Interlock bullets and have used them for all six species of UK deer and a wide variety of African plains game.

    For the 110gn Vmax bullets, 59 grains of H4831 does the business - fast, flat and very accurate; brilliant if you are a head shooter and very, very messy if you're not!


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    many thanks for all the information i will take it on board and try the loads.allan

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