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Thread: Leupold firedot scope

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    Leupold firedot scope

    Has any one got a Leupold vx-r fire-dot scope and are they any good ?. As i am looking at geting the 1.5-4x20 model for my pig hunting rig .

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    I like Leupold for what they are. I have two with plans on a 3rd for a WMR.
    Unless you are buying a 1000-1500 version then get something more ....german.
    my only beef and this may not affect a low power scope is that sometimes unless you get your head bang on in eye relief and cheek weld you can get a black ring in the eyepeice.
    I can see this being a problem if it is replicated on a low power driven scope. On my 6-20x it is OK as I know that my head is in the right position when there is no ring!!

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