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    eviction notice

    Eviction notice number 15 served tonight ,force had to be used ,then the bar steward done a runner on me 180 meters furthest Ive ever had a Roe run, down hill with a broken front leg ,and disappeared ,so on the phone to international rescue (the wife) get the team out the kennels ,I'm only 10 Min's from the house so wasn't a big deal spaniel onto it in seconds after me walking about looking for it for a hour .

    This beasty also had a healed broken rear foot about 5 inches of calcium build up along the lower leg .That surprised me even more rear foot and then the front leg mangled by the bullet and still went 180 mtrs.

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    thats some distance to run mate....
    like the csi spray job you don on him.
    what didnt you hit on the way through with the shot.... better use a man sized calibre next time like the .243
    re the earlier injury has 6 pointer been up that way before you and had a shot at him

    atb f

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    It just goes to show, You can't Beat the Baliff.

    Well Done Bob, and the International Rescue Team who helped complete his MISSION!!!!!

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    "a man does good business when he rids himself of a turd"

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    Well done Bob- This one obviously had a 'death wish' and you gave it to him after a chase- all work out in the end and shows the value of the dog. Although if you were only 10 mins from house why waste an hour? Scared to tell the wife you lost one!!!!



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    First timer Id have been out there" yet "had i not had a dog ,staying power lol. (I just don't like letting go good meat go to waste no chance)

    This Buck was barking his head off ,I had already been round the base of the plantation glassing up the hill with the wind in my face ,I was on my way back to the wheels ,when I glassed him out around 600 meters coming over the hill sky lining ,his first mistake ,

    He dropped into a hollow which allowed me to get well in there were 2 Does watching me further up the hill the Buck winded me and started blowing a fuse second mistake 110 meters good solid hit ,but he had the adrenaline flowing never dropped to shot ,he went of like a shot 180 meters death run down hill into thick hawthorn bushes ,after a hour it was an international rescue job with in minutes of them turning up the job was sorted .

    My fault for not taking a dog with me, the beasty is in the butchers be sorted in a few days let it tighten up a bit .

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