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Thread: browning X-bolt rifle opinions

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    browning X-bolt rifle opinions

    Hi all

    Was looking at the synthetic X-bolt in a .223 for foxing

    it seems a lot cheaper then other on the market,

    are they any good or a low price for a reason ?


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    They are very good. I shoot 3/4" at 100 yards with cheap ammo. mine is a 243. lot of people don't like the trigger. sttruggle to get it down below 4 lps. I overcome the problem by shooting my 22 annie which has a heave trigger so makes the browning feel light.
    I am also working on a trigger mod, which may or may not be a success.
    Overall, they shoot really well and even better than some that cost 3 times as much. But that is only my opinion. I will not be parting with mine, well not till someone offers me one in left hand.
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    I have two, and have nothing to complain about. For me the trigger is spot on, as I dont like light triggers, having tried quite a few rifles before I chose the X-Bolt it seemed to me by far the best value for money.

    Hope that helps.


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    Love mine and the triggers can be adjusted mines at about 3 which suits me fine

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    +1 got a .223SS when they first came out, light,accurate and not to bad on the eye.
    There has been quite a few threads on this subject, and pretty much everybody who owns one seems suited with it.
    dont see many for sale secondhand either.

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    An excellent rifle and well worth the cash. straight out of the box and zeroed in less than 10 shots. Voted rifle of the year 2010 by the NRA.
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    Mine is in .223 and I love it, although the trigger is a little heavy compared to my other rifles.
    But even so I will still buy another when a bigger calibre is wanted.


    EDIT: There is another thread running about the trigger Any Mechanical Engineers on this site?
    Mine is now a well sorted trigger
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    I tried it when I was in the market for a .223. I wasnt impressed with the trigger and it just didnt 'fit'. I bought a bog standard howa instead. With homeloads it shoots .4" so im happy. Try before you buy!

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    got a .243 find the trigger fine after adj .shoots under an inch with factory ammo even considering one in 30-06 as you cannot beat them for price either ,swillingtons do them for around 670

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    I have the .223 and .243 A bolt syntheteic blued and I have nothing but excellent grouping from both, I have the bushnell elite 6500 x 50mm on each one and they are on the the button the pair of em - wouldn't change em - good bit of kit for a down to earth price all in, the both kits with scopes, moderators etc cost a little over two thousand five including a good discount.

    223 and 243 have different threads for mod

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