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Thread: Stalk this morning with colin (solwaystalker)

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    Stalk this morning with colin (solwaystalker)

    I was up early this morning (3:50am) to go stalking with Colin who's better known on here as the solwaystalker. Stayed overnight last night in the Mabie house hotel, beautiful place in fantastic surroundings, ready for this mornings stalking. Just as we'd arranged colin picked me up at the hotel just after 4am and we set off in his 4x4. There was quite a bitter wind blowing but the rain had stayed off. We arrived at the bottom of a very big hill and had a look in the fields surrounding it, but there was nothing to be seen. Colin thought the wind would keep the deer in cover, so we drove to some fields further down the road. The plan was to stalk through 2 fields towards the wood and then stalk through the wood. We set off and there was nothing to be seen in the first field, in the 2nd field Colin spotted a roe deer in a joining field. We stalked and crawled to the fence seperating the fields and noticed that there were 2 roe deer there feeding together (does). After looking at them for a couple of minutes we stalked towards the wood. We noticed lots of roe slot marks in the mud on the path - so it looked very promising that we would see more deer in the wood. The cover was very close in the wood but we kept checking the wind direction and moved slowly being as quiet as we could. Half way through the wood we spotted a good size roe buck, but he saw us at the same time and started barking and bounded away through the wood onto the ajoining fields. We lost sight of him and decided to press on. We stalked through more fields towards a clearfell site, hoping that we would see more deer there. We spotted 1 roe doe on the edge of the clearfell and another on the bank of the river. We then climbed through the clearfell towards a small wood. We stalked through a field (bog )and into the edge of the wood. colin whispered get your sticks ready as there was a nice buck in the far field just through the trees ahead. I set the sticks up, mounted the steyr .308 and aimed at the roe buck. He was side on to us around 80yds away - then he moved! Colin shouted and the roe buck stopped and looked at us BUT i couldn't see him now as he was obscured by a tree! The roe buck moved again and colin shouted at him again, i moved the sticks slightly to the right and had a good line of sight for an heart/lung shot. I had a safe backstop so i aimed and fired. The buck jumped and kicked out his back legs and disapeared behind some bushes. I quickly reloaded and we waited for a minute before moving into the field to look for the buck. We couldn't find any blood/hair from the bullet strike where we were looking so went back to the firing point. We then noticed that we had be looking for him too close and moved out to 75yds and he was lying close to the edge of a big bush. After checking the buck for signs of life we took some photos and then did the gralloch. I think we were both surprised that the buck had stopped twice and the second time allowed me to get him. Colin is going to get his mate kevin to boil out the head and cut it so i can put it on a shield.

    I think that its a stalk that i'll always remember and i will be booking to go stalking with him again soon!

    Thanks a lot Colin!!!

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    A nice looking buck pal. Well done. I'm saving my pocket money for a day at the goats with Colin. I'v always fancied shooting a big old Billy Goat.

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    He showed me some pics on his phone of the goats that people have had and they are bigger than i thought!!
    I'm sure you'll have a great time mate!


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    Hi Daz
    Good stalk this morning , nice sheltered place for a day like today
    back to the hills tmoro ,need some sleep first
    Zeiss Pro Stalker and Agent for Starlght Night Vision

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    Yep get some kip mate, you must be knackered with all the work you've got on at the minute!

    I'll be in touch about booking some more stalking.


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    Well done that man very nice ,remember once you get the accessories you require give me a bell.

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    Thanks Bob, once i get the mod for the .308 i'll drop you a line.
    If you need a hand with anything just let me know.

    Thanks again mate


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    Brilliant well done. There really is nothing quite like it is there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solwaystalker View Post
    Hi Daz
    Good stalk this morning , nice sheltered place for a day like today
    back to the hills tmoro ,need some sleep first
    good luck mate, and its showing you know your deer and ground.
    I'm back out tomorrow after cancelling a few stalks this week because of high cold winds and rain.
    ps nice buck daz.

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