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Thread: Bullets

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    Anybody tried THESE bullets? I've just finished loading up my
    last box of woodleigh bullets, and these don't seem to be more expensive.
    All relative of course.

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    PM "Bob" he loves them.


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    I do because they work well in my 308. I haven't found any major problems yet and they don't put lead into the deer.

    I was dubious at first when I read their website it seemed to be all positive while the only drawbacks being cost of bullets and extra powder as well as the probability of additional throat erosion with the increased loads. I tried them and was very happy with the result. Much better than other bullets I have tried and I've tried a few.

    When you read their loading charts you will find only a minimum load given and you must use a chronograph to reach the recommended speed as the loads may perform differently in different rifles.

    No doubt they may not suit some people, we all have different likes and dislikes. The only way to form a valid opinion is to give them a try!

    Have fun


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    There was a post about them awhile ago.

    Just be aware as IIRC they cannot be used on Military Ranges in the UK

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    I just use ordinary cheap FMJ's on ranges.


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    could you advise on the availability of the GS customs over here, I contacted the listed UK importer two amybe three times for some 338 high BC style and have yet to hve them call back - despite the "we will ring you back tommorow" routine....


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    As far as I am aware Ronnie Sloan is the only importer. I spoke to Sloan's a couple of weeks ago and they said that their current shipment was being processed through customs. I'll pop in this coming week and get an update and report back.


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    Hi redmist,

    I was in Sloan's today and although I saw that that they have GS bullets in stock they had none in your caliber as yet. I spoke to Mark and he said that they are waiting for a new delivery. He said the problem was at Customs in South Africa. Apparently its a lottery who gets to process what and there is one guy there who doesn't think that bullets can leave the country for the UK. So it sometimes takes a while to get processed.

    Mark tells me he is going to email you also about some rifles you may be interested in.



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    thanks for that, I am interested in the SP 338 (232 and 290 grainers) for long range target use (not deer I hasten to add)

    I want to get the 338 to conect at 2000 mtrs reliably and think the GC or Moeller 105's may be the way forwards for this, although I am still in the development stages the rifle is shooting well, but may require a switch barrel to achieve this goal wit these bullets .

    Mark is welcome to contact me.

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    I admire your ability to shoot at that range, more power to you!

    If he dosen't email you within a reasonable time give me a pm and I will remind him.


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