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Thread: DSC Level 1 - Gloucestershire

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    DSC Level 1 - Gloucestershire

    To any candidates interested, we are running a Level 1 course on 2/3 and 4th July near Cirencester. There are 4 places left. The cost is 290.

    Kind regards

    Corinium Rifle Range

    If admin would like to contact me about trade membership I will get it sorted.

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    Well done on the site guys, very professional and looks like some great facilities.


    (Director-Jelen Deer Services) Jelen Deer- Committed to excellence

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    I can comment first hand on some of the services offered by the Corinium Rifle Range. They provide a very professional service, but at the same time are very pleasant and friendly. This makes learning with them comfortable and easy to understand. Certainly by far the best that I have dealt with locally - I wouldn't hesitate to train with them more so a big thumbs up from me.

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    Thank you gents, your comments are much appreciated. I find it refreshing when other like minded individuals and businesses can comment positively rather than the all too common knocking. If we all work together we can only succeed in making what we are so passionate about a success and beat the antis and doubters. Legislation is coming by the back door, the more people we can get qualified to undertake the management of the animals we love the less ammunition the opposition will have to take it away from us.

    Thanks again.

    Paul Hill
    Corinium Rifle Range.

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    Still have one place available. Ideal for Oxfordshire, Wiltshire etc.



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