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Thread: Stalk with KevinF

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    Stalk with KevinF

    Hi all,

    Haven't posted for a while but had a great evening on Wednesday so thought I'd share it with any one interested .

    Met Kevin (KevinF on here) at around 1800 at an RV in Berkshire and checked my kit etc ready for a quick brief (didn't check it well enough as it happened..).From there we went into the woods directly across from the cars and were immediately stalking. Kevin put me out front giving me directions as and when required. Within 5 mins I'd bumped a muntjac which legged it into the undergrowth and disappeared. Carried on slowly through the woods checking in and around a pheasant pen in case anything was feeding off scraps. Nothing doing at this point so Kevin suggested we should move across to the next strip of woods. Conveniently there was a track to follow and we moved slowly along. After about 100m or so I became aware of a roe doe watching me(suspect Kevin had already pinged it) so I froze, watched her for a bit then scanned to see if there were any bucks. The doe, having her own suspicions, legged it out of sight. I prepared to move off and then stopped as I noticed through the trees a straight line that shouldn't be there. Scanned through the binos and realised there was another deer to the left of where the doe was. Better than that it was a buck! Indicated to Kevin (who'd already seen it) and was slightly concerned by the fact that between me and it there were a few branches. Kevin said go for it if you're happy and I brought the rifle up onto my sticks anyway, had a look to check the target area was clear(it was), aimed and took the shot. The buck reacted as I would expect to a chest shot and ran. I lost sight but was happy with the shot and, more importantly, so was Kevin. Had a brief moment when a deer bounded out of the woods in the direction the doe had gone although it turned out to be another doe. After a short pause we walked forward to the area of the strike and found a good spatter of bright red blood. Good sign so far. Even better was the fact that there was a clear trail of blood to follow. Followed it in an arc and found the buck stone dead. Happy with that - always a nervous moment. Reached for my knife to bleed him and realised I'd left it in the car! Doh! Must've been the excitement of getting out again. Anyway, carried the buck back with my deer strap and did the gralloch back by the car. Lesson learnt there (I hope..).

    Kevin suggested we move to a different area to sit up for a while and wait for a muntjac. Jumped in his vehicle and went off to a different part of the estate. We parked up, loaded up, made ready and crossed the road, Kevin immediately spotted a a nice muntjac buck making his way to the road. Tried to get a bead on it but he wasn't having any of it and to cut down on my typing he disappeared into the ethers - we did have a good look though. Went back to the highseat and, with a quick reminder about safety Doh! (again) ascended and waited for the light to start failing. Spent about 10 mins scanning and testing Kevins laser range finder against my abilities. I lost. Then we both spotted a muntjac buck trotting along from left to right against the woodline about 160m to our front. I decided to go down and stalk it so, after unloading(!!), I got down, made ready and then crept along the woodline at the side of the road to the right to get out of sight of the deer. There was about 75m of open ground to cover and, as I was out of sight and the wind was good, I ran up the hill to the corner of the wood where the muntie was headed for. I moved slowly from this point upwards towards him. Every now and again he'd look at me and I did all I could do which was stay still. This appeared to work and each time he looked I stopped etc. Eventually I made it to a point where I reckoned the shot was on(about 30m) and set up slowly. He was more suspicious now(funnily enough) and moved into the woodline but still did not run. I was close enough and steady enough to take the shot and put the round through his neck. He dropped instantly - I paused for a couple of mins to ensure he wasn't getting up and indicated to Kevin the shot was successful. I checked the buck for signs of life and , unsurprisingly looking at the wounds, there were none and carried him down to an area more suitable to conduct the gralloch. On doing the external check we realised the round must've splintered as there were 2 exit wounds. One large wound at the opposite side of the neck and another, smaller one mid flank. This didn't do any significant meat damage although for one split second I had the horrible (totally illogical) feeling that I'd gut shot him! Never mind the entry wound in the neck and the huge exit wound the other side. Just for interests sake the bullets were 150 grain federal SP.

    Anyway, 2 deer on the one stalk is a first for me and many thanks to Kevin who took me out on my second stalk a year and a half ago where I missed a sitter at less than 40m. Had a great time mate. Cheers!

    Very long winded so I apologise in advance to those that attempt to read this but was one of "those days" In a good way obviously!



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    Sounds great did you forget your camera too ?

    Atb Steve

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    Well done very good write up enjoyed reading it
    Regards ..Dave

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    sf good write up sounds like a good stalk and good shooting
    regards pete .

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    Well done Si

    You did well to be out with Kevin, one of SD's true gentlemen..

    As steves said, hope your not camera shy

    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Hi all.

    Not camera shy - just a computer biff! Kevin took a photo of me with the roe buck and senjt it via e mail but it doesn't appear to be as an attachment! So if theres any ideas....?!

    + 1 ref Kevin. Helped me out massively. Along with others I might add!

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    Ok. Hopefully thats it done. Just looked at it properly myself. Out of the two of us think I look more surprised...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Surprised look!

    Had kevin just told you the cull fee?

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    Ha ha! Very reasonable I thought.

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