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Thread: Unusual head

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    Unusual head

    A pal of ours shot this little lad last night, unusual head.scrawny body large head

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    That's a cracking head i would like to see a photo of it when its been cleaned of, well done your mate !!

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    that is one nice malfom be nice to see it all cleaned up

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    Quote Originally Posted by 375 mag View Post
    That's a cracking head i would like to see a photo of it when its been cleaned of, well done your mate !!
    +1 Congrats.


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    Hell of a thing,get some pics up of it cleaned off please.


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    Stunning head by the looks.Seems to be long and thick and hopefully plenty of weight there.Keep us posted with the results fella.

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    One lucky pal and one great head

    Hope its done justice with a nice long nose mount or off to a good taxidermist pennies allowing
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    Not just a nice head but a very good malform to cull - with that single spike who knows how many other bucks he would have injured? Top marks to your pal.

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    That's a very very nice head.
    Well done.

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