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    Hi all any one got a contact number and address for swavorski . I have a 6x42 scope that has gone a bit yellow i think it needs re gasing and serviceing any help please . Cheers Neil

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    Swarovski (customer services) 01737 8568

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    Neil - not easy to find. Christine is very helpful. Rgds JCS

    Swarovski UK Ltd
    Unit 10
    Perrywood Business Park
    Honeycrock Lane
    RH1 5JQ
    Phone: 0044-1737-856812
    Fax: 0044-1737-856885

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    Thanks lads for the replys. thats why this site is so good you are all on the ball with help and advice thanks again lads Cheers Neil

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    it needs a repair, not a service - careful what you ask for - a service is chargeable

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