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Thread: B,M,H verses Poacher

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    B,M,H verses Poacher

    I was out stalking a couple of weeks ago in some woodland owned by a mate of mine.As I came to a clearing in the wood I seen this lad "Have you seen a dog, Its took off from me".
    we exchanged nicaties and he was on his way.
    At this point I phone my mate to tell him whats happend. on his way to the police station he meets the lad who admitts his dog has chased a deer. When my mate turns up with the police it is decided we should try and look for a woonded or dead deer.
    Out comes my B,M,H Bea. we walk to the area were we seen him and she starts getting excited so on goes the tracking harness noes goes down to the ground, over a fence for about 90 yds and she stops and looks up at me (wheres it at look on here face).
    I decide to put her back on the trail using this as the start point so back down the trail she goes over the fence through some whin bushes about another 60 yds on and there is a yearlin doe dead with her guts hanging out. Happy we found it but also gutted what a mess she was.

    On the plus side after giving statments and the police taking pictures he was arrested the following night.


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    That was a very good find, with a even better result on the arrest
    out of interest why do you think Bea went so far off the trail originally, any clues that made any sense or had you worked up the trail the wrong way to start with do you think?

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    where she found the trail was between a fence and a big bush. so when she found the trail she just carried on and with not knowing where the deer had been chased from or too we just went with it. once we got to the end all be it the wrong end we started again from there.


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    I sorted of guessed that might of been the reason, I have seen some dogs that will not work a line a 2nd time once they covered it allready and even less so with it just being scent and no blood
    so in that respect you are lucky Bea does

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    Well done to Bea, but she'll always be Crystal to

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