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Thread: Calibre Variation ??

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    Calibre Variation ??

    Ok Gents,

    On the back of a recent "One for One" variation thread, I currently have a vacant slot on for a 223, ( my 243 is my current roe and fox calibre and really negates the need for the 223 now)

    If I am to apply to swap my vacant .223 slot for a .270, is it a case of going through another application again including referee's etc, or, can I explain the why's and where for's including my written permission/ maps etc, without having to re-do the whole process again?

    Never having done this before I'm just starting to look into it after sorting out new ground so any advice would be great.



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    Hi short, no you dont need to make a full new application. Simply show good reason for requiring the .270 and request a 'one for one'.

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    Many thanks for the info Cadex, I had read various other posts but was still a little confused so cheers for clearing that up.

    Fingers crossed!!



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