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Thread: spit roast

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    spit roast

    good evening

    a friend of mine wants to spit roast a lamb for his sons first birthday. he has a 45 gallon drum. do any of you have plans/instuctions to make a spit / bbq



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    Not for a spit rost but my mate for his 40th cooked a pig in a pit in the ground if that is any good .I think he use 1/2 a ton of hardwood to cook it ,The pig was stuffed with garlic ,apples and onions and herbs,once the fire was glowing embers they placed the pig in the pit wraped in tinfoil and chicken wire then covered with wet hessian sacks(could not find banana leaves in Cumbria belive it or not) and then with soil and left to cook for anout 4-5hrs .
    turned out very well and tasted great!.
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    sounds fantastic. shouldve tried harder for the banana leaves though

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    Just another idea for a 45 gal drum, you could make an ugly drum smoker,do a search and lots of good sites to show you how to make one, I did one last year.

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    ive done a couple for partys and found them very hard work,planning is the key ,the first one i did i found my self trying to weld strengtheners on my spit because it was sagging into the fire .plus LOADS OF WOOD starting to run out half way through cooking isnt good especialy when guests are arriving and you are busy kicking the fence down to burn.also allow plenty of time 6-7 hrs its better the meat be resting than hungry guests standing around salivating .and last of all be prepared to lose a stone in sweat and have a burnt red face for weeks later!!!

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    get hold of wayne (mereside) off the site he has made two a big one for pigs and a smaller one

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    hi ,im at work at the moment but i will post some pictures later for you i have done a few now and the only wood i use is cherry wood for the first hour of cooking to smoke the meat and give it a nice flavour .you need the spit in the middle with the fires down each side so the fat drips into the middle and not onto the flames otherwise you will have a big fire and burn the meat i find for a pig 10 bags of good charcoal about right the key is not putting too much on at once or the heat will be lost for a while till it gets going which will add time onto cooking. with the spit you need a good size bar i think mines 40mm and i made a disk out of 5mm steel with holes drilled along the outer edge so the spit can be locked into place so all the meat cooks other wise it will turn to the heaviest point. also you will need a couple of stays along the spit to hold the carcass and it will need wiring to the spit either with stainless lockwire ,you can buy this from any motorcycle shop in a tub and there will be enough for lots of carcasses or get some steel mesh to wrap around or you will have the carcass spinning and falling off the spit .if you cut the drum 3/4 up and do a good job you can use the smaller bit for a lid which will drastically cut dow your cooking time and stop the burnt face i havnt used a drum as i made mine from scratch but it will work well ,pictures to follow ,atb wayne

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    Not the thread content I was expecting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yorksjt View Post
    Not the thread content I was expecting.
    Me neither !

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