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Thread: Used 20 Gauge Auto

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    Used 20 Gauge Auto

    I'm looking for a cheap Sec 1 20g preferably as a work horse that i don't have to worry too much about scratching or a cheap non FAC gun that i can either get converted or an extention mag for, i'm in kent and will travel up to 100 miles, cash waiting for the right gun.



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    hi was at the hunters cabin last weekend he has a 20 gauge auto and a few cheap shotguns have a look at his website great to deal with .


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    Potters in TW, Kent have a used Beretta 20bore A303 for 295. If it's anything like the A303's i've had then it will be near damn industructable.

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    Cheers lads, i've contacted chris potters and reserved a beretta 303, if it can be converted to take 5+ shots i'll probably have it



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    Unable to convert he 303 to anything more than a 4 shot so i'm still looking lads


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