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Thread: Hello - just joined

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    Hello - just joined

    Hi everybody. My name is David and I live in East Yorkshire. My main interest for the past five years is deer stalking and I have been fortunate enough to stalk roe, red and sika deer so far. I also enjoy lamping foxes and rabbits, ferreting and pigeon shooting. In addition I beat and pick up on local pheasant shoots and load on the grouse moors. I have kept dogs for over thirty years and at present have both terriers and gundogs. My calibres of rifle are .22 and .243. I dropped on this site by chance, found it interesting and have now joined as a member.

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    welcome to the sd david it is an interesting site as you said ,picked up loads of info myself
    good hunting

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    Welcome aboard fellow Yorkshireman.

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    welcome from derbyshire


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