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Thread: Reasons to be cheerful....

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    Reasons to be cheerful....

    Spent 3 hours sat in a high seat last night overlooking a wheat field, with my back against a large block of woodland. Just as things started to look a bit promising a car rolled up with no less than 6 dogs in it that proceeded to run riot through the wood....nothing I could say/do as the wood is in different ownership.

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    A sign stating that Adders are very previlent in the wood normally sorts them pesky dog walkers out!

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    No in all seriosness we get it all the time. The estate where i do a lot of my stalking has privately owned ex fc woods and the public think it's there god given right to trundle around all over it. You put a sign up saying private and the next day it is ripped off and thrown into the bushes.

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    It's happened to me quite a few times recently...think I'll have to give up on the evenings and concentrate on morning stalking.

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    Common problem nationwide few weeks ago travelled for an hour before dawn to meet someone who was late but shot a buck at first light went back to meeting point and glassed a wood edge it was like piccadilly circus by 6.00Am must have counted 15dogs in as many minutes this was in North Yorks countryside

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    On my patch MR the dog walkers rock up at the same time as me, just before dawn, in the summer months . If someone is travelling with dogs in a car it is unlikely they gonna stop visiting especially in the evenings as they are making a concerted effort to get there if you know what I mean?

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    as long as the blocks are big enough deer get used to it shot quite a few deer ten mins or so after walkers have passed ,we try and use them to our advantage .the woods are 500 +acres ,my mate jokes we should wear bright coats and make a puffin noise like a jogger running .on a more serious note i can see how annoying it is if you have no where else close and from a safety aspect .we have courting couples ,lads up to no good ,joggers ,walkers ,birders ,mt bikers ,horse riders the list goes on

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    I am led to believe that someone I know gutted some rabbits in a wood where there was tresspasser problems and left them laying about. I am then told that the dog in question ate the guts. I am then quite sure that the dog went home in front of the fire and slowly expanded and then spewed up all over the carpet. I would then have expected them not to return in case any dirty bugger did the same thing again.

    I was shocked
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    Yesterday, I got made redundant effective from august 31st from my full time teaching job (not barony that I do L1's with) but the school where I work. They offered me 2 days a week in place which won't cover sod all mortgage wise. Last week my partner told me she was pregnant again... which will make number 5 (yes I know keep it in the pants or get the snip) and the house needs work

    What a giggle this whole life thing is. I think I will go stalking, it's all good . I'll worry about all the other stuff later...
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    If i see people with dogs not under close control i tell them there is a vermin control program in operation with fox snares and squirrel poison about.Never seen dogs go on a lead as quick,dont usually see them again

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