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Thread: Many thanks...BDS Mike,

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    Many thanks...BDS Mike,


    A special thanks to those concerned regarding the filling of my L2 Portfolio.
    Now in receipt of the letter of success in the correct completion and all criteria met.
    Now i have to wait for the certificate.
    Many thanks lads.


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    Well done mate!!!


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    Well done Frank



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    not looking for another lease dave at the moment, member of two leases with two decent guys.
    i will of course in due course go for one as i would love to be able to take someone out to share stalking with.
    its my goal to become an aw and i will in due time go that route.


    ps, russian sniper, thanks and well done back to you mate, heard from bob about the zeroing and the rain. also see a very nice picture of a buck you shot. lucky chap.
    cheers also to Jroe, package wrapped and will be enroute soon mate.
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    Well done, mine gets posted on Tuesday
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    well done hope it didnt take you long to do yours, i have a couple of promises and maybes but took the bull by the horns and did it with a couple of decent chaps.

    dont care what anyone says its not just as easy as you may think.
    i was lucky, many a poor soul aint.

    atb f,

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    Glad to hear we got there in the end Frank.



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    Many thanks for your help Malcolm, if this site wasn't so childish at times the other person who helped me would be able to post up and i would also be able to thank him in person on-line for all to see.

    Anyway thanks Malc for a great stalk, a nice six point sika head and a great week.
    Wish you would do it again.

    atb and thanks for your patience during the to-ing and fro-ing of the port folio.


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    Well done Frank, I think it adds to the sense of achievement if there's been some toing and froing, means you've had to work hard for it and put in a good and varied portfolio that reflects real world conditions.

    I think it took me 10 or 11 stalks with a witness in tow over a period of 6 months to do mine and whilst I was envious of the guys who manage to do all 3 in a day I am glad now because there is satisfaction to be had from being made to work for it.

    Anyway, congratulations!

    all the best,


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