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Thread: Lying Buck.

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    Lying Buck.

    Hi Guys,
    I wonder if anyone can help. I consider myself relatively experienced stalker but today have been left utterly defeated. I took a freind on his first outing after completing DSC1 and picking up his new rifle. We stalked up on a number of lovely does but only as we were about to give up did we find the Buck I was looking for. From our elevated position it was too windy for a shot so we crawled to a better more sheltered firing point. The Buck was lying down in long grass only leaving it's head visible. As his first Buck I was eager to get him a kill. Sadly the buck did not move. We tried a whistle, a click, a clap and I even tried walking up wind of him. He merely lay there. In the end I walked towards him and he spooked and without a pause he was gone. I knew after 20 mins trying to get him standing this would happen but we could not have simply waited as we might have ended up still there now. Does anyone know of a tip to get a stubborn buck to stand but not bolt that I did not already try? J

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    put your hat on a stick and lift it up so he can see it

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    Shout in a very loud voice - Ah-Ten-Shun !!!! and then say "Stand still you horrible looking Buck"

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    Thanks all, that's what I thought would be reply. Sadly as we'd been out 6 hrs already we had no choice to wait. I'd probably have just come home myself if the whistle had not worked. I've done the Hat trick to move hinds in scotland but in this case even walking about really close and making noise did not do the trick. Thanks for suggestions. I just hope my friend can find another morning before I get the urge to go out after it myself.

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    I sing Bob Marley's 'get up stand up' increasing in volume!

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    I've done everything I can think of in these such circumstances except sit there and wait all day
    Here's a clip of a Doe that was just as stubborn

    We had stalked into this Doe till the point (about 80m's), where my mate was comfortable to take a shot and did not feel getting any closer would of benefitted the situation, we were already in full view and had been trying for about 5 mins to get her to stand before I started to film
    I even walked out into the field 20m's waving my arms and whistling , at one point I danced a bit of a jig
    but still no joy

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    If I'm in a hurry(impatent) I sometimes use a buttalo I find it useful for stopping deer even when Its not the time of year to call with it but as it has been said the surest way is to wait.
    I had my German mate over and I wanted to use the buttalo to get a buck to stand he nearly had a fit and made me wait in case I scared his "monster buck"off he made me wait and he was right.

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    "bark at it"

    I'm surprised it's taken 9 posts for someone to put this up!

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