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Thread: I like wood I do!

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    I like wood I do!

    Just got my new stock in the post thanks to Steve aka Treacle Trackpad. Is this .270 Tikka 695 Stainless with Walnut stock now classed as a semi custom? If so does anyone want it for 1500.

    And any advice on what to do to clean a barrel when after 3 doses of bore foam over night the patches still come out like navy blue paint!
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    is it a old or new barrel i use kg 12 it gets rid of copper fast

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    It's an old barrel. It looks like you can see a build up even after cleaning on the chamber side of the rifleing.

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    the barrel proberly on its way out ,does it still shoot good
    if you clean it back to metal to much it will take a quite a few shots to hold centre again if its on its way out
    kg 12 is pretty good at getting heavy copper out compared to boar foam it should only take few soaks and the copper will be gone

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    Why not shoot it and see if it matters?~Muir

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    I'm with Taylor and Muir - how clean does it need to be?

    Which bore foam are you using? After using Forrest, I was put on to Wipe-Out which seems to be in a different league entirely - getting it can be a bit of a problem as I've only been able to find one UK supplier (HPS Target Rifles Ltd ) and you have to order by phone. Try some of that and I would be amazed if it didn't solve your problem.

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    Well after trying a few loads on what turned out to be the windiest day of the year. I made a few more rounds up of the load I think shot "best". 48.5grn H414 Federal Mag primers. 140grn SST's COL 3.260. 6x42 Schmidt and Bender scope.

    Quite pleased for a 250 rifle

    I wont worry about the barrel so much now. It's as clean as it's gonna get without making it a smoothbore!

    Just need a recoil lug now for the walnut stock I just bought

    Thanks for the replies

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