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Thread: This Mornings stalk

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    This Mornings stalk

    I was talking to my friend who is a keeper on a local estate last night and he told me there is a buck causing a lot of damage on some recently planted hard wood saplings, so i was out this morning hoping to bump into the culprit. The weather was not the best when i got there, swirling cold wind and light showers, never the less i thought i would give it a go. I stalked a large area which had recently been re planted and saw nothing.
    I climbed over a horse jump (used by the local hunt) and into a field in which some cattle were grazing and i began to follow the fence line to head back to my vehicle in order to try elsewhere. As i was walking back i noticed a fox enjoying a break in the weather having a scratch and a drying out session, I couldnít believe it, we hadnít seen any foxís in that area before as we had checked quite a while back, I quickly got down, pulled out the legs down on my bipod, put the cross hairs onto the foxís neck and squeezed the trigger, the fox went straight down and no movement, I was about to get up when just behind dead fox a cub came running towards it down the fence line and stopped, I quickly reloaded and took that out also with a head shot, then waited to see if there was anymore cubs about but sadly not.
    No sign of any deer this morning but well worth the outing, and a pat on the back off the keeper.
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    Atb John.

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    Nice shooting mate! I'm sure you'll catch up with the buck.


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    Well done, I'm sure you'll bump into the buck soon enough!

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    The buck will come and you will feel youve earnrd it after the foxes good one

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    Result John,buck wont be far away....

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