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Thread: 7mm-08 Stutzen / full stock

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    7mm-08 Stutzen / full stock

    Just got off the phone chatting to a Internet-phobe pal in France who is after a 7mm-08 stutzen / full stock, either new or a good s/h one. A bit of simultaneous Googling whilst talking didn't turn up anything so I thought I'd ask the assembled experts if anyone knows where one might be found...


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    if you concider 7x57 or 7x64 you'll have a better choice.

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    Steyr Mannlicher might do one; have a look at the Sportsman Gun Centre website.

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    Persuade him to get a Mannlicher stutzen 308. The deer wouldn't know the difference! Then he can buy mine - See it listed on Guntrader at Ivythorne!

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    Mannlicher definitely do the Stutzen in 7/08, also listed on the Sportsman's adverts.

    The 7/08 is damn near the perfect calibre for a Stutzen.

    Yorric, I would still like to buy your 308, can't really bring myself to part with the 30/06 though and I am sort of max'd out with my FLO just now.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Sako have a new fullstock 85 out now & they do that in 7mm-08

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    Thanks very much for both of those - I'll pass the details of the models on as he'll have to find specific suppliers in France.

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    Had a close look at the Sako Bavarian Stutzen at a gun show at the weekend. Very, very nice (and could be just the thing to go under my new scope.)

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