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Thread: .204 Ruger

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    .204 Ruger

    Is anyone using a .204 ruger, im toying with the idea of getting another vermin rifle as the .222 is dedicated for night-vision and quite fancy one of these little speed machines.

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    Im just getting my .223 rebarrelled into a 204 ruger. then buyin a cheap .223 just for my nightvision. Ill let you know how i get on with it. Everyone raves about the 204 but there are a few things to think about, ie twist rate and what rifle cause its all american stuff out there.

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    The 204 is OK. I like the 20 Tactical better for ease of forming brass. If I loaded for the .222 already, I would get another or a .223. Same powders, same bullets, easily obtainable brass.... non-existent barrel burning issues.~Muir

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    I looked into 20 practical
    .223 necked down to 20 cal same case neck angle NO fireforming req

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    .20 tac mate , beats it every time

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    20 tac is superb. you don't need to case form for it if you dont want to. as you can buy 20 tac brass over from reloading solutions, midway uk etc. it is Dakota brass made by lapua so its top brass.

    two of my mates have 20 tac's and one has a 204 there really isn't much in it between them. one is for sale though has he is giving up shooting due to losing local permissions.
    pm me if your interested. its a semi custom 20 tac with redding comp dies, cleaning kit,etc etc.... all for the price of what a standard sako would be in the shops these days !

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    I use one. Spectacularly effective and ammunition is easy to get around here.

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