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Thread: Yorkshire Roe Stalking.

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    Yorkshire Roe Stalking.

    Myself and a mate paid John, Yorkshire Roe Stalking, a visit yesterday morning. I paired off with Malc, great guide, for a stalk round one of Johns new plantations.
    The wind was very cold and variable. Malc did a great job, using the wind perfectly every time to our advantage. We observed a roe doe for 10 mins, hoping a buck would soon follow along. At one point she was within 20 yards of us, we remained statuesque like and watched her browsing. She knew we were there, but could not work us out.
    We carried on stalking to another part of the plantation, where we found a decent vantage point and watched, gun on sticks ready to go. As time ticked by, i began to think it was going to be one of those stalks. I remember laughing about something with Malc, when a buck seemed to appear out of nowhere. Malc moved the sticks and helped the shot on, as a good guide does. What turned out to be a nice heart shot, did not stop the buck having 30 yards of adrenaline. He was a nice young lad, 4 pointer, good size as well.
    Big thanks to John and Malc, great stalking professionally done. See you in the rut. Ed.

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    See you then mate, did he tell you it was a "good shot reload".

    No video i'm afraid mal doesn't posess my camera skills, though its been rumoured he's starred in a few movies (XXX).

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    What "camera skills?" the one where you turn the camera off just as I pull the trigger?

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