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Thread: An Unexpected Gift.

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    An Unexpected Gift.

    A young friend of mine came to visit yesterday from the northern end of the State. He works in a scrap yard and he told me that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, And Firearms had finished their annual qualifying shoot at the State capitol and delivered the fired brass to his yard. The ATF range is one of those country-club affairs with matted shooting lanes and other amenities and they police up their brass after every course of fire and put them into bins segregated by caliber. So what do you think this dear boy brought for me? 14 pounds-weight of once-fired, shiny, clean, Lake City Match brass in .308. (My favorite!) At 40 pcs to the pound that's 560 pcs and he has another bucket of the same brass at home for me. He has also been segregating the "old" wheelweights from the new zinc or steel wheel weights and says he has five or six, 5 gallon steel buckets full of them for me in his garage and will ferry them down, one per visit, over the next year. I was so astonished by the offer that I bought him a set of 6.8 SPC dies for his deer rifle -coincidentally on close out at the trading post- in return. He didn't want to take them but I remember being young and newly wed, and the cost of the dies came no where near the value of the brass or the thoughtfulness of the gesture. ~Muir
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    Told you....a 308 is good to have.

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    Never doubted you there, Amigo.
    My favorite 30 cal deer rifle is a M-98 Brno with a new-surplus Israeli 7.62x51 barrel. I assembled it myself from various parts and it shoots sub MOA. One IMR 4895/180 grain load puts three shots into 5/16" pretty regularly. I've had it for 20 years and it's still going strong. I've never squeezed off a shot on a deer with this rifle tha didn't result in eating venison that evening.~Muir

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    The last week I was messing around trying to get my T3 in 223 to shoot as I would have liked to use it at a little 300yd competition next weekend on the west coast. Even after recrowning, the T3 seems a bit fluky and never really got under 3/4 inch consistently. I pulled out my old 308 with the Lothar barrel and fitted a steel moderator instead of the aluminium one. Zero went like this, first shot inch high and inch left, adjusted scope, second shot on the aim dot and the third round to confirm was 2mm next to the second. This rifle seems to be getting better and better. Our back stop that we attach the targets to is a thick rubber mat and one can see pinholes where the bullets go through, easy to measure.
    I've given up on the 223 for now. 308 might be better in the strong wind anyway, v-bull is only 1 1/2 inch diameter. Most 308's I know of shoot quite well.

    You can start preparing the brass now....

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    I think I told you about my old Vietnam Era, McMillan stocked, Remington heavy barrel 308? With bullets pulled from 30-06 rounds and reloaded into LC brass with 4895 it will shoot sub MOA at 200M with a scary ease. There are few rounds as well balanced as the 308. Gotta be 30+ years old. I got it in 1984 as a barreled action!~Muir

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    Andy, there are friends, & then there are FRIENDS!
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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