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Thread: Tikka M55 Mag

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    Thumbs up Tikka M55 Mag

    I've been searching for a ten shot mag for my tikka M55 for years, and have, at last got one.

    Just the job - they do exist after all. Photographed next to a five and three shot for comparison.

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    well done,how much did you have to pay,rare as hens teeth.

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    I have a 3 and a 5 for my M55 in .222 how and where did you find a 10 shot? I want one!


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    I regularly did a google search until one came up on the stock list of a dealer, I didn't consider it to be expensive, it must be hard to price an unusual item like this.

    Doing a bit of reading online in the past, I'm sure I picked up that M55's were used by the police in this country and the military down under, this could explain the higher than normal magazine capacity.

    It seems to be a popular idea in Australia :

    10 Shot Magazine For Tikka's? -

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    Well done mate ! - Nice when a plan comes together !!!

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    I can't understand why someone. somewhere, doesn't manufacture after market mags for the M55, there must be loads of these rifles still in use. I have one and in my humble opinion, one of the best rifles Tikka ever made, but almost paranoid about losing the mag.
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    Here's another Pic of what they look like that I found on a German site :

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    Can you please give me the linnk where you found this magazine.

    I, like yourself, have been searching for a spare mag for years - I have only the original magazine in 243, I would love another and especially a 10 shot !

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    I've just seen an advertisment for ten round magazines for Howa rifles. The magazines appear to be single stack, perhaps it would be possible to adapt them?

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