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Thread: Latest Boar

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    Latest Boar

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ID:	7135I had a guy contact me around 6 months ago to ask about shooting boar and we arranged for him to come up from Manchester for one night last week , we met at 8pm and headed off to one of my seats that the boar had been feeding at. We got settled in around 8.30pm on a wet and windy night i was holding the rifle and planned to set up the night vision and pass it to Brian if a boar came out,everything was quiet and by 10.30 i was getting a bit doubtfull and started to have a look around straight away i could see a single male standing off to our right, so slowly gave the rifle to Brian who couldnt see him ,he had gone but without any alarm grunt or sound i thought he would return
    11.30pm Brian started to scan around the feeding area and gave me a nudge to confirm our boar had come back ,Brian got a shot off quickly but no noise after it worried me slightly as we usually hear feet kicking or a bit of movement ,but we waited 10 miutes before going to look to find this nice sized boar lying stone dead
    Well done Brian good result on a first attempt
    I have added a picture of my mate Allan with a boar he shot around 4 or 5 years ago , i saw one similar size to this at my seat last year and as far as i know he is still around

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    Hi Colin hope you 've still left one for me !!!


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    Hi Nigel
    you would have liked this one he was over 85kg
    have to get the wife to sort pics i need em made smaller before i can post em
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    Get them posted i look forward to seeing them sounds like you had a good night !!!

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    now that's a serious pig!

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    Thats a MONSTER!! 85kg - wouldn't fancy having to shift that!!
    Nice 1 Colin & Brian!


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    Nice beast. How do you sex the animal with nv? What sort of distance and kit took him ?

    Atb Steve

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    He was shot at 50 meters with my 308 using 150grn ballistic tip nv is a starlight archer
    add- on which goes on my zeiss 6-24x56 I watch them often to see what is feeding,but
    at this time of year a lone pig is usually a male and pretty obvious , i make sure i have identified
    the sex before any shot is taken , i usually have 2 nv,s so that i can instruct what to shoot
    but one is being repaired at the moment
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    Thanks . I ask as I saw 5 the other night around 300 yards away . I suspect they were last years young . What feed do u put out.

    Atb Steve

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    A group of 5 is likely to be as you say and probaly a sow hanging around there aswell
    i have seen two,s and three,s in last years young males but never as many as 5
    I put out maize meal most of the time and feed an area for 6 weeks at least with pigs
    feeding before we shoot anything that way they see it as a safe area ,if you shoot straight
    away you will just scare them off. I have one seat i have used for over 2 years and still have pigs there
    as we have been carefull how often and what we shoot
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