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    A Small Buck

    At the rear of a mate's farm house is a couple of fields that he uses to bring cattle into that are ready to calf. Within these fields are a few fenced off areas containing young hardwoods (all tubed). Deer cross over these fields moving between the fenced areas.

    A few days back he noticed a young 4 point buck in one of the fenced areas that can be seen from his house. This buck is fairly small and appears to have taken up residence in a .25 acre section. If you go near the fence where he is he only runs to the other end of the fenced area but does not leave it.
    The young buck spends his day feeding up and down the fence line but here is the strange bit. He has been seen out in the field feeding with the calves.

    Normally this buck would be on the cull list but he does seem to be a bit of a character and beside that I have been warned that if this "pet" deer disappears Mrs Farmer may not be best pleased.

    I don't believe that his animal is unhealthy - just a bit smaller than average.

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    Gazza- Is it not a bit strange that the buck does not take flight and merely moves to the other side of the fenced area? I bet you are itching to get a shot at him???

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    Must admit when I was told about him my first thoughts were " small buck won't be there long" but shooting him which would be very easy to do would only leave me with a dead buck. More interesting to my mind is that just two fields away is a rather large buck and I have no doubt there are others in the area. This wee fella is not causing any harm and I think has taken sanctuary in this wooded plot.
    Of all the farmed fields these two at the back of the house probably have the most human presence. They are used to hold lambing ewes and then calving cows and therefore I would assume that this youngster maybe well used to seeing humans.
    Will be interesting to watch how his life turns over the next month or so.

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    I shot one almost identical last year. Spent its days feeding with the sheep and didn't run away. When I opened it up it had the worst case of liver fluke I've ever seen. Its liver was a mess and I doubt it would have lived much longer. The carcass was that thin that I ended up dumping it. Anyway, turns out the woman living near had been regularly feeding it and photographing it

    Needless to say I'm off her Christmas card list.

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