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Thread: Blaser R93 professional cammo in 308

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    Blaser R93 professional cammo in 308

    Blaser R93 with synthetic cammo stock and fluted .308 23.5" match barrel.

    2 years old but fired less than 50 rounds in time, couldn't get on with the thing.

    No scratches no marks, factory screwcut to m18.

    Pictures to follow but an honestly unused gun at a bargain price due to the need for a quick sale.


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    Has it got mounts with it?

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    Afraid not mate, the mounts and scope were lent to a friend who now owns them on account of his butterfingers.......

    May be able to source a set to be included with the sale if you like?

    It's at an RFD's at the moment so I'll need to check on Tuesday what the score with the mounts are.

    Make me a cash offer without the mounts by pm if you prefer.

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    very tempting!! Got a .308 slot ......... can I send you a Pm with my email for some pics please?


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