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Thread: Tri pod sticks

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    Tri pod sticks

    Just bought 3 x 6 foot plastic bean sticks from the garden centre.Does anyone know how to cobble them together to make tripod shooting sticks. I am thinking bolts and washers etc.
    Thanhs in advance, Tusker

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    OK cut 6 inches from the top of one stick, get a piece of canvas or leather [leather is best] around 2.5 inches long and .5 of an inch wide these sizes are only approx. don't need to be exact drill two small holes about an inch apart in one end of the leather strip drill corresponding holes in the stick you have cut and attach with two small bolts, drill a hole in the other two sticks 6 inches from the top and a hole in the other end of the leather strip put a bolt through the holes in the two sticks then through the leather strip so that the shorter stick is to the front washer and nut I would recommend a lock nut here as you don't want this bolt and nut to tight as you want the sticks to swivel on this bolt, either some lamb rings or tape on the end of the sticks to stop them rattling and the jobs done, its actually quicker to do than it was to write this.

    A lot of people use Hoover belts to attach the sticks but this method is easier to use in the field no adjusting needed
    can be used standing, sitting or kneeling just push the legs further apart till you get the height you want for sitting or kneeling shots, very stable system that will work best if you keep the short leg to the front.

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    Did I see someone using Martingale Rubber Stops recently ?

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