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    Just joined


    This is my first ever experience of a forum of any kind. Never really had that much free time to indulge ......but, I have used the Stalking Directory a few times to download the Free Zeroing Target and have often read the posts. Looks a good site with a lot of interesting people so thought I should get involved.

    I stalk mostly Roe and Fallow and of course the occasional Muntjac which to my mind is the best eating although a little harder to skin. Use a .243 for everything because I find the rifle does the job and is fairly kind to the shoulder.

    Regards to all


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    Blot, what a splendid name, welcome to the site. I hope you can get a lot more from the site than free targets.

    You will find that we are a friendly bunch, although sometimes the different threads may seem a little "robust", this is only because we care about what we are doing. Look forward to reading your posts.


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