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    PRVI Brass

    Anybody use PRVI brass, how many times can it be reloaded after the initial standard loads, I am reloading 308, 243 and 7x57,Thanks , Anton

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    early days for me , so far 2 reloads per case in .308, I trim to length and inspect every time and so far they are all passing.
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    No problems with it at all.

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    Thanks for that Guys,I understand that they are annealed at the top of the case at manufacture and that increases their resilience to more reloading...time will tell,ATB Anton

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    will also depend on what loads your running. if you run a fairly hot load then of course the brass take's more strain. you can anneal them yourself in the future.

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    Hi hot loads for me I only reload to conform to the standard loading data...anyway I like my barrels! ATB Anton

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    It is pretty strong mate. I use to use it in 222 and it is pretty good

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