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    Other newbie

    Hi, I'm new here. Just getting interested into stalking after having moved here from Canada, where I was going to hunt. Had it all organised but got a transfer to Scotland. It has taken some time to get organised, but have enlisted for the DSC1 in Trochry October 24th and hope to be able to learn from some experienced stalkers after.
    Lots of good information and friendly people here, so this forum should be a good experience.
    Thanks for assistance already; no doubt you will see some real beginners questions from me

    Have a good one, Rene.

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    Welcome Rene ask away there are a good few years of experience on this site, and many who will be willing to help you in anyway they can.

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    Welcome to the site Rene, ask as many questions as you like, there are plenty of good people here to help.


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    Welcome, where in Scotland are you?


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    Hi and thanks for making me feel welcome. I live in Bridge of Weir, just West of Glasgow. Beautiful area, but understand that most hunting is further South or North. Is there anybody local on this site? Cheers, Rene.

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    A few of us shoot around the borders, and a few further N/W of you.

    I was suprised to find out how widespread deer are in the UK, some members have excellent stalking further south. It goes on eveywhere really!

    Do you have any stalking or are you still trying to get that first door open?

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    Hi snowstorm, it's the latter, regretfully. I'm looking forward to team up with an experienced person to learn. I'm not a trophy hunter, more gotten the taste for venison in Canada. A friend was hunting moose, deer and caribou and often gave us a lot of meat as his missus wasn't fond of it. I was getting ready to join him on those hunts, but received my transfer. Quite upsetting to leave such friends behind! But then again a good opportunity to meet new ones and this forum will certainly help.

    Cheers, Rene.

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    It's always difficult to secure stalking to start with, but hopefully you'll make some good contacts on your DSC course. Keep posting here and let your name and character be known and opportunities will come your way.

    Transferred - are you in the forces?

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    I'm really looking forward to my DSC1, great to get started again!

    I'm not in the forces, but work for a UK company with about 200 offices worldwide. Plenty of opportunity to look elsewhere if you're prepared to. I started of in the Netherlands (I'm Dutch), then moved to the Caribbean for a few years, thereafter to Canada and now in Scotland. Great experience!

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