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    how often ??

    Earlier in the year I shot a red hind. Nicely broadside at about 50 yards. She ran about 60 yards before rolling over and was a perfect top of heart shot. The bullet had gone in and out at 90 with no deflection.

    The gralloch was done both in the dark and in a blizzard and I noticed a bit of green in the chest cavity but nothing too serious, I initially thought I may have been a little bit rough pulling the food tube back through. But my main worry was the forthcoming drag acoss the clearfell, a real leg breaker even in daylight, but by taking it carefully the animal was taken off the hillside and down to the road without incident. A couple of days later when skinning the beast I discovered a bit of a disaster area around the forequarters. On the exit side the full ribcage/shoulder area was full of green under the skin and between the muscles layers, i could scoop it out in handfulls. After all the effort in obtaining the animal it seemed such a shame for all that meat had to go to waste. I put it down to a bit of bad luck, a bullet or bone fragment puncturing the oesophogus and the vacuum behind the bullet dragging the rumen contents out and along the wound channel.

    I recently shot another animal, a small roebuck at about 60 yards, this shot was a bit lower, taking out the lower heart and leaving the top part attached to all the vessels. Again a straighforward 90 broadside in and out, although the elblow was clipped on exit. But again on gralloching I noticed a bit of green in the chest cavity so kind of knew what to expect when i skinned it (there was also a couple of big bone fragments loose in the chest cavity). The oesophogus was also clearly torn although not completely severed. I skinned the buck the following day and again the forequarters on the exit side were a complete mess, not only alot of green between skin and muscle but also pushed between the muscle layers themselves. I was able to salvage the loins and haunches for myself but the full front end was again a write off.

    Both animals were shot with a .243, the hind with a 100 grn Lapua soft point, the buck with a 100 grn Remi Core Lokt soft point.
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