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Thread: Last weeks effort

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    Last weeks effort

    Friday evening last, i was invited to try for a muntie buck on a patch a mate has ,a patch incidentally that has produced no fewer than 7 gold muntie heads .We arrived to find the farm hands mowing silage fields on the lower ground but our destination was the slopes that surround this place,slopes that scream mutjac from all corners .Areas of trees and thick hedges interspersed with the obligatory bramble patches so beloved by this little deer and all on chalk downland .We could glass the slopes from the farm but my host said we needed to get a move on as it was now 8pm already .The tactic here i was told was to wait in a area with a good glassing view and spot a muntie to stlk into as trying to stalk around the brambles resulted in bumping too many .The light was fading when finally a buck showed trotting along a sheep trail between covers .Last light seems to be my thing this year with more shot in the witching hour than at any other time .He never stopped moving and we moved to maybe intercept his travels something that only pays off 50% of the time here apparently .We got to a gulley inline with the bucks trial and waited with me on sticks .The time ticked by and nothing with my mate glassing all the while .He then spotted another buck up above us ,a big lad in velvet and suggested i try for him instead .
    I could see him with the naked eye,staring straight at us but probably still unaware .He turned to graze and i moved around 90 degres for the shot .Engine room at roughly 70 yds and down he went .Got to him to find an old lad with tattered ears .I would of liked to have seen him in antler but it was explained that big muntie bucks are fiercly territorial with or without antler and a change here was long overdue .He had snapped off tusks to prve this point .

    Sunday afternoon i was out with daughters boyfriend ,a keen young man that dosnt mind a bit of leg work .We went to a place to wait for a few rabbits as id seen a few odd colours here lately .I had the .22 and the .243 incase a buck showed .What rabbits did show were vere nervous and ran from hedge to hedge ,never stopping .I glassed the low fields from our vantage point and saw a pair of deer enter a field on the boundary of this place and about 500-600 yds away.I studied awhile to see if they were staying and decide on a stalk to see if one was a buck ,unidentifiable from afar .Two fields lower and yes there was a buck with a doe ,a 4 pointer .Over the boundary here there are horses that we could see from the hills and i decided to eventually take the shot myself to avoid any mishaps from a novice .We stalked to a field gate tht gave us a veiw of the deer but only the doe was visable now .She made for the hedge and sat down in the long grass out of view making the approach easier .When we were only 40 yds off spotted the doe ,not where i thought she bedded but further up the hedge and no sign of the buck .She was looking up the hedge so i was able to get close the planbeing to bump her that would raise the buck .This worked a treat with her only going a short distance before the buck got up a bit further and ran to join her .I was now on sticks with a good soil background and dropped him on the spot a 4 pointer.

    The next pic shows the hill we were on when the deer were spotted........

    ......and why you dont keep a dog and bark yourself ,lol.Well done mate .
    The farmer here is a staunch organic man with meadow mixes sown annually in different fields for hay as shown here in the next pic.Propper old style farming . :victory:

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    Good write up and nice pics
    I hope the daughters boyfriend didnt bring home any ticks or you could soon be losing your helper
    Well done

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    Good result, thanks for the write up and the pics.

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    Good write up and nice pics
    I hope the daughters boyfriend didnt bring home any ticks or you could soon be losing your helper
    Well done

    Did cross my mind mate but luckily none reported

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    Well done mate, glad your getting some trigger time. Two nice bucks.

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