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Thread: Fallow Deer Cancerous Autopsy report

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    Fallow Deer Cancerous Autopsy report

    Hello, just put this up on youtube and would like some feedback, anyone seen anything like it?.

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    Interesting. Is that your video and have you disposed of the tumour? Would have been very interesting to get some histology on that.

    Did you examine any local lymph nodes? Did you look at the lungs and the liver - any sign of spread?

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    See if your local VLA will send a section for histology.

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    Fallow Deer Cancerous Autopsy report

    Hi. Yes it is my video I took it today, I have the tumour close by, didn't check any other parts of her as she was in quite a state, we have her nearby so if anyone wanted to see her it could be arranged.

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    How is your relationship with your vet? If they do large animal work they should be able to contact their local VLA centre who could arrange for the tumour to be typed. All being well it should be free of charge to you.

    The nearest centre to Ipswitch is Bury St Edmonds

    Rougham Hill
    Bury St Edmunds
    IP33 2RXHumour me and cut a couple of walnut sized representative pieces and seal them in freezer bags and freeze them.

    If you don't have a local vet send me a PM.

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    This is an email I had back from a friend in vet school in Sweden:
    Hi John
    Interesting, we have been sending it back and forth between*us all morning today and several pathologists has looked at it. They agree that it probably is some sort of neoplasia (cancer) or an old injury that has failed to heal. To say for sure they would need a pice*of the growth,*if you still have it, to have a look in microscope.*A pieces*"x"x" from the with more solid parts*of it*frozen and sent together with something to keep it cool.
    Was it freemoving from the neck or was there any solid parts of the growth that was protruding into for example the cheast cavity?

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    The local vla and the ministry vet in bury st Edmunds said not a notifiable disease, not interested because tight budget, suggest I see my local vet at my expense, have declined this but have some of the tumour in the freezer if anyone can test,

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    Got this reply from a Vet friend:
    Very interesting post mortem. I wonder if the tumour was the thyroid gland. With all those cysts in it I thought it looked glandular. It was clearly encapsulated (and excellently dissected out I must say) which suggests it may have been benign so my best guess is a benign thyroid tumour.

    That being so, this is a common condition in older cats. It would expect the doe to have been thin or in poor condition yet still with a good appetite. The rumen was full of recently eaten vegetation but obviously the cause of death was not the tumour but your bullet so she was known to have had a sudden death.

    Best wishes

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    very interesting video.

    i have some questions for you which i couldn't make out from the video

    did it smell bad when you opened it

    the large clots that appeared to be within the tumour where they just from the animal been shot or older

    was there any fur/hoof parts within the tumour

    was there a wound of any kind around the tumour

    atb f.

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    There was no smell in the tumour,no fur or anything else, clots were just from being left about an hour before I got a mate with me so we could video it, no wound marks could be seen at all. I must say that the skin was so tight that it had the effect to push the tumour back on itself and pushing on it's oesophagus. Hope this helps you.

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